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Acoustic Link Guitar Recording Pack

Rs. 4,451.8

Record your steel-stringed acoustic or electric guitars directly into your computer.*Get your performances and ideas into your Mac or PC in seconds with the AcousticLink guitar-recording pack. The Aco..

Alesis Guitar Link Plus Computer Guitar-Processing System

Rs. 2,789.0

Harness the power of your computer to create the ultimate tone.Shape your sound with the perfect tone -- using your Mac or PC! GuitarLink Plus combines Alesis’ GuitarLink guitar-to-USB cable with Nati..

Dunlop 226 Large Stainless Steel Slide

Rs. 2,897.9

Stainless steel has a bright, penetrating sound with great sustain and sparkling harmonics. Stainless steel coaxes a beautiful top end from the guitar, making it an excellent choice for warm-sounding ..

Dunlop 654C Formula 65 Polish & Cleaner with Cloth

Rs. 561.9

Cleans totally and quickly. Restores any finish to its original luster, and leaves a micro-thin, resistant protective layer which wont build up. This set includes a 4 oz. bottle of Formula 65 and a 10..

In Stock

Dunlop Accessory Pack MXR GA51

Rs. 2,417.9

Dunlop Accessory Pack MXR GA51 ..

In Stock

Dunlop P65CP4 Platinum 65 Cleaner-Polish

Rs. 1,003.0 Rs. 1,146.9

Keep your instruments pristine and protected with Dunlops new Platinum 65 series of professional grade guitar care products, featuring Montan wax...

Dunlop P65DC4 Deep Clean Cleansing Platinum

Rs. 1,003.0 Rs. 1,146.9

Our proprietary Platinum 65 formula dresses guitars with a protective barrier that provides superior resistance to grime and moisture. Platinum 65 care comes in three forms: Cleaner-Polish, Deep Clean..

EMG -81 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup

Rs. 6,958.0

The EMG-81 is a high-output pickup designed especially for the lead guitarist. The 81 is at its best for high volume overdrive and amps with a master volume. Whether you're playing power rock 'n' roll..

EMG -85 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup

Rs. 6,958.0

Although the EMG-85 Humbucker has more measurable output than the 81, its frequency response and string interface are different. The 85 uses 2 Alnico magnet-loaded coils with a wide aperture to mainta..

Ernie Ball 6324 Mono Female Input Jack 6-pack

Rs. 1,534.0 Rs. 1,835.5

Mono Female Input Jack6-pack1/4" mono female input jacks. Tin plated brass terminal with glass fiber insulator. 6 per pack...

Ernie Ball 6331 Stereo Endpin Jack

Rs. 492.0

Stereo endpin jack for acoustic guitar..

Ernie Ball 6381 500K Split Shaft Potentiometer for Instruments

Rs. 546.6

500K Split Shaft - 3/8" bushing length..

Ernie Ball 6382 250K Solid Shaft Potentiometer for Instruments

Rs. 499.2

250K Solid Shaft - 1/4" bushing length..

Ernie Ball 6383 250K Split Shaft Potentiometer for Instruments

Rs. 499.2

250K Split Shaft - 1/4" bushing length..

Fender squire Bullet combo pack

Rs. 25,873.9

Fender squire Bullet  combo pack include :--FENDER SQUIER BULLET STRATOCASTER RW BSB HSS W/TREMOLO SUNBURST 0310005532-Cort MX15R Electric Guitar Amp,Clean & Distortion Channels,3 B..

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GHS Fast-Fret String Cleaner A087

Rs. 698.9

GHS Fast-Fret String Cleaner cleans your musical instrument strings, brightens your sound, and prolongs fingerboard life while letting you play faster than you ever imagined! Convenient applicator and..

Mighty Mite MM5502 Black Les Paul Back Plate

Rs. 336.0

Mighty Mite MM5502 Black Les Paul Back Plate..

Mighty Mite MM7000C Chrome Pickguard Screws

Rs. 432.0

Mighty Mite MM7000C Chrome Pickguard Screws..

Mighty Mite MM900 White Speed Knobs

Rs. 336.0

Mighty Mite MM900 White Speed Knobs..

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