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Deluxe Guitar Stand - W/ Neck Support GS7121B XCG

Rs. 1,104.6

Made with truly classic style, this mid-priced stand features a rugged die-cast housing, velveteen rubber padding, and an extra thick neck guard. Also features our Smart-Yoke™design. A special "V" gro..

Double Hanging Guitar Stand GS7255

Rs. 1,254.4

Same features as GS7155 Single Stand, but will hold a combination of 2 guitars and adjusts from 36-42". Designed to hang most standard guitars by their headstocks Velveteen rubber won't damage you..

On-Stage Stands GS-7155 Hang-it Single Guitar Stand

Rs. 1,050.0

The single version of the On Stage Hang-It! is height adjustable designed to hang most standard guitars by their headstock. The tripod base provides stability and folds for guitarists on the go. Featu..

On-Stage Stands GS7121B Classic Series Deluxe Single Guitar Stand

Rs. 1,180.0 Rs. 1,200.0

Made with truly classic style, this mid-priced stand features a rugged die-cast housing, velveteen rubber padding, and an extra thick neck guard. Also features our Smart-Yoke™design. A special “V” gro..

On-Stage Stands GS7143B-B Flip-It Series

Rs. 1,180.0 Rs. 1,050.0

Includes the essential features of our patented Flip -It!®guitar stand, including the Flip -It!®upper yoke and removable lower yoke. The upward angle of the lower yoke design, teamed with the unmatche..

Out Of Stock

On-Stage Triple Guitar Stand GS7321-BT

Rs. 1,348.0

The triple version of the GS7221BD combines a stable three-leg design with a set height lower yoke for the best stability of the stand and your guitars. Each yoke is strategically aligned above a stan..

Out Of Stock

On-Stage TS7101B Trombone Stand

Rs. 1,000.0

Specifications:   Height Adj.:  29”-47” Base Spread:  22” Color:  Black Powder Coat Finish Number of Instruments Held:  1 Gross Weight:  3.80 lbs   Features: Instrum..

Onstage Double Saxophone + Flute Stand SXS7201B

Rs. 1,700.0

This versatile stand holds two alto or tenor saxophones in any combination and includes two screw-in pegs for either flutes or clarinets. The adjustable yoke supports are removable for storage and tra..

Out Of Stock

Onstage Folding Guitar Stand OSS*GS6500

Rs. 765.0

The Mighty Guitar Stand, the GS6500 is compact enough to comfortable fit in your gig bag - but On-Stage gave it full-size features for your full-size guitar! The GS6500 is the bigger version of On-Sta..

Onstage Keyboard Stand W/ quikSQUEEZE, Lever Locking KS8390X

Rs. 1,300.0

Description: Same features and design as KS7390 ,  with Lok-Tight construction.   Specifications: Applications:  Medium-format keyboards Tubing:  15 x 30mm Weight Capacity:  1..

Onstage Keyboard Stand W/ quikSQUEEZE, Lever Locking KS8391XX

Rs. 1,700.0

Description Same features and design as KS8390, with a double-X frame to hold more weight, 200 lbs. capacity.Capable of securely supporting up to 200 lbs. and easily adjustable thanks to the no-fuss, ..

Onstage Pistol Grip Dome Based Mic Std MS7255PG

Rs. 1,550.0

Use only one hand to adjust the height or unscrew your clip! The anti-rotation feature means never holding the lower shaft to prevent loosening from the base. Oversized threading means it takes only s..

Onstage Quik-Release Round Base Mic Stand MS7201QRB

Rs. 1,300.0

The MS7201QRB's 7lb. sand-cast base is sturdy enough for road abuse yet light enough to carry. This variation of an industry standard features a patented spring-loaded clutch trigger for fast two-hand..

Onstage Sheet Music Stand W/ Carry Bag SM7122BB

Rs. 751.0

The American classic design folds for easy storage and portability with a spring-loaded trigger release. The two section vertical shaft with cam locking clutch and tilting book plate features make thi..

Onstage Single-X Keyboard Stand KS7190

Rs. 1,000.0

Many of today's musicians like things simple and affordable. That's why we continue to offer this popular Single-X with its classic bullet-nose pull knob and upgraded, stronger 1" square tubing. Ap..

Onstage stand XCG 4 classic Guitar Stand - Black

Rs. 590.0 Rs. 550.0

The best deal on the market! Features black Velveteen rubber, extra thick tubing, sheet metal leg housing, anti-rotation, a safety strap, and removable lower yoke. Black finish.Our best sellerSpecial ..

Onstage stands GS7362B Standard Single A-Frame Guitar Stand

Rs. 1,145.6

A classic, sturdy A-frame that can hold one guitar, either an acoustic or electric. Features heavy-duty 1 x 1/2" tubing, velveteen rubber, and a “uni-construction” design, which means that there are n..

Onstage Telescopic Euro Boom Mic Stand MS7701TB

Rs. 1,800.0

This variation of the MS7701B adds a telescoping boom arm to provide the right boom length for any application.  Features :Best-selling microphone stand with sturdy tri-leg baseRugged boom arm te..

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