*ROLI Cash Back Offer-2018* 

Incredible Instruments!
Spectacular Savings!

Get up to INR 10,000/- cashback on the Seaboard and BLOCKS !!

ROLI cashback promotion is live now and valid up to 25th December,2018 

Qualifying Products:-

Cashback is valid on *Lightpad Block M, Seaboard Block, Beatmaker Kit, Songmaker Kit, Seaboard RISE 25 and Seaboard RISE 49* 

Products must be new, unregistered and purchased between the promotional dates. Second-hand or ex-demo products will not qualify for the promotion!!

Campaign Mechanic

Step 1: Purchase
Customer purchases a qualifying product from a participating retailer in an eligible country between
29th November and 25th December 2018.

Step 2: Wait
Customers waits 30 days from purchase date before attempting to claim the cashback reward, as the
ROLI return period is 30 days. This promotion is not valid for returned items.

Step 3: Claim
Customer completes the claim form on roli.com/cashback between 30 and 60 days from date of
purchase. Customer will need to provide a proof of purchase and serial number alongside his/her
personal and bank account information.

Step 4: Collect
Once the claim has been validated by our fulfillment agency, customer will be transferred directly their reward via bank transfer within 28 days.


ItemCash Back- INR
Seaboard RISE49           10,000.00
Seaboard RISE25               7,000.00
Songmaker Kit               5,000.00
Beatmaker Kit               3,500.00
Seaboard Block               3,500.00
Lightpad M               2,100.00