Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-115 1x15" 200-watt Bass Combo Amp

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  • Timeless Ampeg bass tone to go
  • Takes visual cues from 1960s Rocket amplifiers
  • Iconic black diamond wrap
  • Signature sparkle grille cloth
  • Ampeg Legend preamp with 3-band EQ delivers monumental bass tone for country to rock
  • SGT overdrive packs on bite and sustain
  • Specially voiced 15-inch Eminence speaker in a ported cabinet
  • Balanced XLR output feeds a wet signal (post-EQ/-volume/-effects loop) into a soundboard or recording medium
  • SVT-derived Ultra Lo/Hi switches enhance your bass and treble registers
  • Effects loop gives you options for inserting pedal and rack effects
  • External speaker output (8-ohm minimum, 100 watts at 8 ohms) lets you increase your stage output or switch up your cab sound
  • 0dB/-15dB instrument inputs accommodate active or passive pickups
  • 1/8-inch auxiliary input for jamming along to backing tracks
  • 1/8-inch headphone output for practice and recording
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