Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Adaptive Multi-Instrument MIDI Controller Plug n' Play USB Lightning iOS iPhone iPad Mac PC

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The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is a new kind of digital instrument that adapts to the way you play. It’s the first MIDI controller that lets you strum, slide, tap, and drum any sound on a single interface. With built-in speakers, accelerometer, all-day battery life, direct iOS connection, and MIDI MPE compatibility, the INSTRUMENT 1 has opened a new category of production, performance, and play.

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Meet the Multi-instrument

Want to play a technique you've already mastered? INSTRUMENT 1 has got you covered. Want to be someone new for the day? That’s just a press away.

Strings that break the rules (and never break)

Know your way around a guitar or bass? Take your knowledge of the fretboard into the digital realm. You’ll be able to tune each string individually, and play them independently with MPE: the new MIDI standard that allows for full expressiveness.

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The band in your backpack

At just 1.6 lbs, the INSTRUMENT 1 is the songwriting tool that goes with you anywhere and plays like anything. The rechargeable battery lasts all day–even when playing at 11.


Yes, it works with that

Plug and play right out of the box with your favorite DAWs and apps. Use the included USB cable to connect to Mac and Windows computers to play Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and more. Use the Lightning cable to play GarageBand, Animoog, and your other favorite iOS apps.


Pressure Sensitive

Modulate effects even after you've trigged your note with continuous aftertouch.



Pull-off and hammer-on as you would on a traditional guitar. Now try it with a piano sound.



Control filters and envelopes using natural gestures with Tilt: the INSTRUMENT 1's answer to mod wheel.


String Bend

Inward pressure allows you to bend the pitch of a note, unlocking a new way to utilize your synth sounds.

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