Martin Authentic Acoustic MA170 Extra-Light-Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings, 80/20 Bronze

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Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings provide unrivaled quality, craftsmanship, and tone for your acoustic guitar. Designed to produce a true, consistent tone, these extra-light-gauge strings provide excellent tuning stability and playability so your guitar can thrive during your rigorous practice and performance schedule. Made from 80/20 bronze, these strings feature Martin's highest-quality wrap wire for enhanced longevity and durability. They are naturally corrosion resistant, so they will hold up after hours and hours of playing. This total pack of professional-grade guitar strings will last through long jam sessions, late-night campfire songs, and plenty of picking. To make these strings extra-durable and stable, we start with our highest-tensile-strength core wire and then tin-plate it on all 6 strings for added corrosion resistance. When the core is coupled with our highest-quality wrap wire, you get a consistent tone that you can count on song after song. Designed to bring out your guitar's true tone, these bronze guitar strings can be used for finger-style blues, rock, Americana, country, bluegrass, ragtime, and many more styles. With this pack, you'll receive 6 extra-light-gauge guitar strings. The low E string measures 0.047", the A string measures 0.039", the D string measures 0.030", the G string measures 0.023", the B string measures 0.014", and the high E string measures 0.010". This total set of extra-light-gauge strings features a tension of 135.8, and they make it easy to get a rich, bright tone out of your guitar. Martin Guitar has been producing high-quality, musician-choice guitars and guitar accessories since 1833. The 3-pack Martin Authentic Acoustic Extra-Light-Gauge Guitar Strings are the real deal—not an imitation. Discover your guitar's true voice with this professional-grade guitar string pack.


Features & details

BRIGHT TONES: Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings provide excellent tuning stability and playability with bright and rich tones. Discover your guitar's true voice with this professional-grade guitar string pack.

SUPERIOR STRINGS: These strings are engineered to thrive during rigorous practice and performance schedules. These silk and steel folk strings feature our highest tensile-strength core wire paired with quality wrap wire for corrosion resistance and tuning stability.

VERSATILE STRING SOUNDS: Designed to bring out a consistent and true tone from your guitar, these guitar strings can be used for fingerpicking, flat picking, and other methods. Use these strings in any genre—country, bluegrass, folk, blues, rock, and more.

EXTRA-LIGHT-GAUGE ACOUSTIC STRINGS: Measuring from a 0.010" high E string to a 0.047" low E string, these are high-quality acoustic guitar strings that brighten the natural tone of your guitar, including tenor, mid-tones, and bass. They feature a tension of 135.8.

AUTHENTIC ACOUSTIC: With Martin Authentic Acoustic, you get a set of strings designed for performance and playability. Martin guitars and accessories remain the choice for musicians around the world for their unrivaled quality, craftsmanship, and tone.

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