On Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand

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Why choose the Platform Keyboard Stand? It's seriously strong (supports 230 lbs.!), it folds flat so you can put it in the back seat of your car — and, maybe most importantly — it's one of the ONLY stands that you can use without banging your knees against it. That's right. If you play sitting down some or all of the time, you need somewhere comfortable to put your legs. X-style stands don't always cut it — and if you try to use a traditional set of expression pedals with them, forget about it! Only the On-Stage Stands Platform Keyboard Stand will do, giving you plenty of room to sit comfortably, stretch out your legs, and play with expression

Features & details

Platform length: 29" to 43.5"

Height: 26" to 43"


Ideal for heavier vintage keyboards

Replacement parts available

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