Roli ROL-001591 Lightpad Block M w/Geartree Cloth 3 Pack

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Roli ROL-001591 Lightpad Block M w/Geartree Cloth 3 PackBuilding upon the success of the original Lightpad Block the Roli Lightpad Block M has a redesigned surface that offers an even more tactile responsive and precise playing experience. Several advancements have been implemented including a deeper softer surface that is topped with 225 undulating microkeywaves. These microkeywaves provide more tactile feedback allowing you to interact with the surface in a deeper way and gauge each movement more precisely. Additionally a thicker softer silicone layer enhances the pressure-responsiveness while the high-definition LEDs offer a 50% brighter surface illumination allowing for a higher contrast display and helping you move more quickly between notes instruments and scales. The Lightpad Block M is part of the Roli Block system and features a tactile surface that enables the user to shape sounds through five dimensions of touch including strike glide slide press and lift. It builds sequencing looping finger drumming and expressive control into one intuitive device. The Lightpad Block M is made up of 225 LEDs arranged in a 15x15 matrix and features a semi-soft smooth texture with undulating microkeywaves allowing for multidimensional performances. The fixed configuration of the pads is defined by Noise the free iOS app and can be configured in three modes including 2x2 4x4 and 5x5. Additional apps include Equator Player Ableton Live Lite Strobe2 Player Tracktion Waveform Blocks Dashboard and MaxMSP (3-month license). The Block system is also compatible with desktop applications including Rolis Equator as well as Ableton Live FXpansion Strobe2 Native Instruments Kontakt & Massive Bitwig Studio Apple Logic Pro & Garageband SampleModeling SWAM Cycling 74 MaxMSP and Spectrasonics Omnisphere. Connections to your iOS device or desktop computer can be made wirelessly via Bluetooth or from a wired USB connection. The Lightpad Block M is designed to integrate with the o ;

Features & details

Versatile Space-Age Touch Controller

Grid Modes: 2x2 4x4 & 5x5

Five Dimensions of Touch (5D Touch)

Strike Glide Slide Press & Lift

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