ROLI Snapcase Solo Case for Lightpad Block

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The Loop Block connects with a click to the Light pad Block via the magnetic Blocks DNA connectors

Easily access the key production functions within the Noise software and create songs in minutes

The buttons on the Loop Block help you record a loop and play it back

Magnetic Blocks DNA connectors

Country of Origin: Mexico

Loop block. The live block and loop block buttons activate the features you use most. These features are available through the noise app too. But with a live block or loop block, you don't even need to glance at a software menu. You just tap a button. Connect with a click the live block and loop block connect with a click to the lightpad block. It couldn't be more convenient: The buttons are less than a finger-length away from the lightpad block's playable surface. Reconfigure the blocks however you want, whenever you want - even in the middle of playing a song. Connect a live block to the top or bottom, right or left of the lightpad block. Connect a live block and a loop block beside each other or separate them on either side of the lightpad block. If you want to physically disconnect the blocks, they still work together wirelessly. Loops are key in contemporary music and they are very useful with the block music-making system.

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