Seymourduncan PowerStage 170 11901-002 EU

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From Seymour Duncan, PowerStage 170 is a guitarist dream rig in one pedalboard-sized unit. At 170 Watts, this power amp features a 3-band global EQ, large volume knob for quick level adjustments, and a beautiful, clean preamp selection able to pair with digital modeling devices or fit nicely on your existing pedalboard. Loose the uncertainty of backline amps and cumbersome stompbox settings, PowerStage 170 allows intuitive and quick fine-tuning perfection on any cabinet at any venue, as well as bypass and clean channel functionality. This streamline, lightweight travels easy in your gig bag or case and gets you playing seamlessly for gigs large and small.


170 Watt Power Amp

Clean preamp section and 3-band global EQ

Compact, pedalboard size design

Large, easy-to-adjust on the fly volume knob

Designed and assembled in Santa Barbara, California


Level: 0 dB to 47 dB

Treble Control: +/- 13 dB @6.61 kHz

Mid Control: +/- 13 dB @712 Hz

Bass Control: +/- 13 dB @87 Hz

Output Imdedance: 4-8 Ohms

Power: 170 W at 4 Ohms

Dimensions: 5" x 5.24" x 2.84"

Weight: 2 lbs.


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